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domain: edt-insas.fr
status: ACTIVE
hold: NO
holder-c: ANO00-FRNIC
admin-c: OVH5-FRNIC
tech-c: OVH5-FRNIC
zone-c: NFC1-FRNIC
nsl-id: NSL71599-FRNIC
registrar: OVH
Expiry Date: 09/04/2017
created: 09/04/2013
last-update: 09/04/2016
source: FRNIC

ns-list: NSL71599-FRNIC
nserver: dns104.ovh.net
nserver: ns104.ovh.net
source: FRNIC

registrar: OVH
type: Isp Option 1
address: 2 Rue Kellermann
address: ROUBAIX
country: FR
phone: +33 8 99 70 17 61
fax-no: +33 3 20 20 09 58
e-mail: support(at)ovh.net
website: http://www.ovh.com
anonymous: NO
registered: 21/10/1999
source: FRNIC

nic-hdl: ANO00-FRNIC
type: PERSON
contact: Ano Nymous
remarks: -------------- WARNING --------------
remarks: While the registrar knows him/her,
remarks: this person chose to restrict access
remarks: to his/her personal data. So PLEASE,
remarks: don't send emails to Ano Nymous. This
remarks: address is bogus and there is no hope
remarks: of a reply.
remarks: -------------- WARNING --------------
registrar: OVH
changed: 09/04/2013 anonymous(at)anonymous
anonymous: YES
obsoleted: NO
eligstatus: ok
eligdate: 09/04/2013 20:05:35
source: FRNIC

nic-hdl: OVH5-FRNIC
type: ROLE
contact: OVH NET
address: OVH
address: 140, quai du Sartel
address: 59100 Roubaix
country: FR
phone: +33 8 99 70 17 61
e-mail: tech(at)ovh.net
trouble: Information: http://www.ovh.fr
trouble: Questions: mailto:tech(at)ovh.net
trouble: Spam: mailto:abuse(at)ovh.net
admin-c: OK217-FRNIC
tech-c: OK217-FRNIC
notify: tech(at)ovh.net
registrar: OVH
changed: 11/10/2006 tech(at)ovh.net
anonymous: NO
obsoleted: NO
source: FRNIC

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