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domain: samaamlak.ir
ascii: samaamlak.ir
remarks: (Domain Holder) Qorb Khatam
remarks: (Domain Holder Address) No. 24, 2nd St., North Zarafshan St., Eyvanak Blvd., Shahrake Gharb,, Tehran, Tehran, IR
holder-c: qk50-irnic
admin-c: qk50-irnic
tech-c: qk50-irnic
nserver: ns1.khatam.net
nserver: ns2.khatam.net
nserver: ns1.ertebatonline.net
last-updated: 2016-07-24
expire-date: 2021-05-29
source: IRNIC # Filtered

nic-hdl: qk50-irnic
person: Qorb Khatam
e-mail: reg(at)ertebatonline.net
address: No. 24, 2nd St., North Zarafshan St., Eyvanak Blvd., Shahrake Gharb,, Tehran, Tehran, IR
phone: +982188090414
fax-no: +982188090414
source: IRNIC # Filtered

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